MicroCiv is an extremely modifiable game. It can be made to be more complex altogether, or certain aspects of the game can be made more specialized. Gamemasters are free to modify the game however they want. Below are just some ideas that can be adjusted or expanded upon.

Add specific industries. Go into depth on the manufacturing or functions of specific industries. Develop more realistic simulations for industries. This is an idea for hobbyists in particular industries or for gamemasters who want to educate participants about particular industries within the context of the game.

Expand on the details of the financial instruments used in the game or add more financial instruments. Add more details for financial securities and contracts. This is a great way to teach participants more about various financial instruments.

Require players to develop formal laws and court systems. This is a great way to teach participants about the inner workings of government and law.

Require players to create and manage their businesses formally. This could involve activities such as registering businesses and maintaining fiscal documents. This is a great method for teaching participants about business management.

Replace the basic simulated combat system with physical virtual combat, such as laser tag or paintball. This was my original intention for combat in the game.

Allow participants to form sports leagues or national sports teams. This is a great way to introduce physical activity into the game.

Add technological advancement into the game. This could delve into research and development, scientific discovery, and industrial boosts for the discovery and implementation of new technology. The game could also be set in a historic time and allow for technological progress to dynamically teach the economic results of acquiring certain historic technologies. Real or simulated scientific experiments could also be implemented to teach participants about the scientific method and its interaction with business and politics.