Eternal City is a world of MicroCiv, started in 2023, and administrated by its game designer. It is a continuation of the original game called City, which took place from 1989 through 1996. Eternal City follows the default ruleset of MicroCiv with some additional rules. Kids, adults, and AI characters all take part in Eternal City. The main goal of Eternal City is to teach kids about socioeconomic dynamics through hands-on experience. This includes, but is not limited to, economics, finance and investment, politics, business management, and real social interactions.


Virtual Travel:
Participants can virtually travel to any game location using the MicroCiv Eternal City Minetest world to conduct actions during gaming sessions. If access to a physical region is lost for any reason it will still be able to be utilized using the Minetest word. If a participant virtually travels to another location they can't take any actions at their physical location until they virtually return to the correct region, however they still are directly susceptible to the actions of other participants that involve force.

Gamemasters can create AI NPCs to use as participants in the game. Each AI NPC can create up to 10 resources or products per gaming session, but they must be of the same letter and type. Human participants can interact with AI NPCs but can only make deals with them once the AI NPC understands the offer, including any applicable math. AI NPCs choose their own name, avatar, and starting region and can perform all the same actions as a human participant that they are able to. In combat, only Chess can be chosen against AI NPCs. AI NPCs will have a random player from play for them. For criminal, police, and spy activity, the Checkers computer player on will play for them.

For simplicity, all municipalities are called cities.